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Our Mission • Our Promise

Our Mission

To serve the healthcare profession through quality herbal extracts and expert advice

Our Promise

To Healthcare Professionals

  • Provide expert advice, friendly and efficient service

To the Profession

  • Preserve the professional access to Chinese herbs
  • Protect the integrity of TCM by not using endangered animals and protected herbs species from the wild

For our Products

  • Identify and authenticate the correct species of herbs provided
  • Provide clinically effective herbs through pharmaceutical level production
  • Comprehensive analytical testing to ensure safety and reliability
  • A complete and wide array of products to address today's current ailments

Throughout Chinese history, practitioners and proponents of Oriental Medicine have endured difficult environments and seasons. In some eras, the medicine was in grave jeopardy due to the attitudes of the ruling class. In other times, practitioners were either constrained by unfair regulations or made to turn aside from practice in order to prove the effectiveness of the medicine through research. Because of its time-tested success, though, this traditional medicine remains deeply rooted and evergreen in the hearts of the Chinese people.

In the United States today, Oriental Medicine faces many tests. Because it is not an entrenched, mainstream medicine here, others challenge its validity. Practitioners and researchers must once again prove the medicine's effectiveness, this time in the Western world, as has been done in China. Confident in the strong, reliable nature and staying power of this medicine, we wish to join with you by playing our part in history to promote Oriental Medicine and help it remain evergreen in the United States. To help us keep that goal in mind, we have named ourselves Evergreen.

We hope you will find it refreshing to join us on the next page in reviewing the history of medicine, to see how we are participating and consider your own participation, and to perhaps make your own wish list for your practice as we share with you the promise of the future.