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(Discontinued) The Power of the Points

Eileen Yue-Ling Han

Item #: M5141RqtNC{hJQ(49
Category: Books
Sales price $52.00

Description of Book

The Power of the Points is the first of a series of books by Dr. Eileen Yue-Ling Han, Ph.D., L.Ac., dedicated to the understanding and practice of Balance Method Acupuncture, and expands upon the teachings of the late Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan. This foundational offering details the first part of the Essential Points and their applications, as well as the standard use of the traditional acupuncture points. Complete with etymology, indications, clear instructional diagrams, and supportive case studies for each point, this textbook will introduce, clarify, and advance your practice. 227 pages

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    The Power of the Points

    Eileen Yue-Ling Han