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We have streamlined our operations to focus on our core service.

Updated April 3, 2020

We at Evergreen Herbs have been constantly monitoring the impact of COVID-19 since its outbreak. We strive to prioritize our resources to ensure that we deliver on our core commitments - meeting your patient demand and helping our community stay well and healthy.

As we continue to operate beyond max capacity due to the overwhelming demand caused by the spread of COVID-19, we are doing everything in our power to get your herbs to you asap - while we still have the herbs in stock, for as long as we're permitted and able to carry on our operation. Below please find all the temporary measures that are currently in effect to help optimize and streamline our service:


  • Online Orders Only:
    No phone/email/fax orders. Existing customers who have never placed an order on our website before can set up an online account - we will approve it asap so you can order online promptly.

  • All Orders Submitted Are Final:
    Any modification to a submitted order will be processed as a separate order.

  • No Return/Exchange/Refund on All Orders:
    Please note that there is no return/exchange/refund on all orders until further notice - no exceptions.

  • Some Promotions Are Suspended:
    To help you through this difficult time, we are continuing to offer Volume Discounts, as well as FREE Shipping on herb orders over $120. However, to prioritize our limited resources and cut down processing time, we are temporarily suspending other promotional specials, including the starter kit special, value packs, webinar specials, and monthly specials.

  • Shipping Address Considerations:
    At this time, we recommend shipping to your home address in case you're considering closing your clinic, or if your office is in an area under a stay-at-home mandate. Returned packages will incur additional service fees by UPS.


  • Current Processing Delay: 2-4 Days.
    Please note that we are unable to guarantee a shipping date for your packages at this time.

  • Quantity Monitoring:
    We continue to monitor the quantity on each order to prevent unnecessary overstocking.

  • Out of Stock Items:
    To make sure you don't risk losing more items on your order while in waiting, if your order contains an item that has become out of stock, we will go ahead to fulfill your order by leaving out the out-of-stock item. We will refund you for the missing item, and update the FINAL physical invoice included in your package to reflect the corrected info (note that your online invoice remains unaltered). If your submitted order qualified for free shipping and/or volume discounts in the first place, rest assured, we will still honor it when fulfilling your order, even if an unavailable item causes your order to disqualify for the special.

  • No Will Call:
    Package pickup at the Evergreen office is temporarily suspended until further notice.

Note to Avoid Surprises

All the above temporary adjustments are put in place to make sure that we do everything we can to get your herbs into your hands asap. To facilitate your practice and avoid any surprises in the process, we want to also bring your attention to the following:

  • Drop Shipment:
    We are happy to help send packages directly to your patients. The invoice will NOT be included in the drop shipment package. Please note that the exact shipping charges from our carrier will apply to all drop ship orders - our regular shipping rate/special does not apply here.

  • Expected Delivery Date: See Email from UPS.
    Please note that at this time, UPS has suspended its delivery window guarantee. For your delivery date estimate, please refer to the UPS email with your tracking info, which you will receive once UPS start processing your package(s).

  • Incomplete or Incorrect Shipping Address:
    Please double-check the shipping address you fill in to ensure accuracy and correct spelling (for example, missing the word “Ave” or spelling it like "Av" all are considered wrong). UPS will charge a $17 fee for address correction.

  • Incurred Charges:
    If your order incurs any additional service charge by UPS, it will be passed on to your next bill.