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(Discontinued) Healthcare on Purpose

Regan Archibald

Item #: M5132
Category: Books
Sales price $8.99

Description of Book

You already know how to effectively diagnose and treat multiple chronic conditions, and you're an expert in your field. The challenge that you face is that school taught you how to diagnose and how to treat, yet it didn’t teach you how to run a wildly successful practice that allows you to help thousands of people and create more meaning in your life.

That's where Regan Archibald and his new book, Healthcare on Purpose, comes in. In his book, Regan discusses how healthcare practitioners just like you can find a new purpose for their practice that is not based on a single-fee visit. You will learn how creating a program that treats the underlying cause allows for a better patient experience and a better experience for you, the doctor.

Discover how you can think and practice differently to exponentially improve the impact you have on medicine in today’s modern world. 68 pages

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  • M5132
    Healthcare on Purpose

    Regan Archibald