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(Discontinued) The Essential Acupuncturist Guide to Head & Neck Pain

Brad Whisnant

Item #: M5125RqtNC{hJQ(49
Category: Books
Sales price $27.39

Description of Book

Do you have patients that have headaches or any problems from the neck up? Do you want better outcomes with these patients? Less “poking and praying”? Instant results? If YES, then you need this book; all the answers are here!

Brad Whisnant loaded this book with clinical pearls that are time tested and patient approved. Master Tung, I Ching, Balance method and distal applications are interwoven and explained to give you maximum healing ability! Step by step instructions with points, theory, images, examples, and case studies are all included. This is a clinic changer for you and your patients. 144 pages

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